NanoSpeed Announces Distribution Partnership with Unilab for Test4D™

Edmonton, Alberta – (February 16, 2015) – NanoSpeed is pleased to announce that they have appointed an exclusive distributor in the Philippines for their 25-OH Vitamin D deficiency test kit – Test4D™. Unilab Laboratories, Inc. (“Unilab”) is an independent manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products based in the Philippines.

“We are very pleased to grow begin growing our distributor network Asia, starting in the Philippines and with Unilab,” said Dr. Seema Gupta, President of NanoSpeed Diagnostics, Inc., a leading diagnostics company focused on providing portable, innovative and rapid testing solutions. “Unilab has proven to themselves to be a strong presence as the largest pharmaceutical centre in the Phillipines. We are very pleased to welcome them to our global distribution network.”

Test4D™ is a patented and unique point-of-care test that provides information on Vitamin D deficiency within 10 minutes. This test requires only a single drop of blood from the patient and costs 90% less when compared to other standard or conventional tests.

Test4D® is not approved for commercial use in Canada or the United States and is

limited by federal law to research or investigational use only. About Unilab Laboratories, Inc.

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, with a market share of some 20 percent which it has consistently maintained for more than three decades. Its portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription and consumer healthcare brands in the country.

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