PoCT Products

Test4™ Product Line


Test4D-cQ, launched in early 2018, provides a quantitative measurement of 25-OH Vitamin D concentration in a human blood or serum sample. This rapid chromatographic immunoassay cassette, coupled with a Cube reader, yields results in 10 minutes. The measurements are in the range of <20 nano mol/litre to 150 nmol/ L. Accuracy tests using 20 serum samples compared with the gold standard LC-MS assay showed an outstanding correlation of 94% with blood samples.




Test4D-LQ our quantitative measurement of 25-OH Vitamin D, similar to Test4D-cQTM but with added features and in cassettes specifically configured for advanced readers found in hospitals and labs.




Test4D-SQ our semi quantitative measurement of 25-OH Vitamin D with results color coded to indicate levels within several discrete ranges from below 50 nmol/L to above 80 nmol/L.


Test4D NanoSpeed’s first Point of Care Test product is a qualitative human Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFIA) for 25-hydroxyvitamin D to be administered either at the POC site or at home by medical professionals.  Test4D™  is the first and true Point-of-Care-Test to safely test Vitamin D deficiency/sufficiency levels on the spot without any equipment. The test provides results within 10 minutes.Test4DTM is well established in Europe, India, China, Philippines, and additional territories are being added through a network of distributors. The first products launched under this program are Test4D-CQTM  and Test4D-LQTM


Test4Fe is a qualitative test for iron levels in human blood.


Test4Ca provides a qualitative test for calcium levels in human blood. . This test is complementary to our Test4D™series, as tests for calcium and vitamin D go hand in hand to monitor for proper bone development.

Development Pipeline

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Antibiotics/Pesticides
  • Cancer biomarkers
  • Pathogens


Lab-on-a-Chip Products

Expanding our Test4™ (qualitative test) product line into a second generation Point-Of-Care (POC) product line, consisting of quantitative tests, NanoSpeed continues to develop this state-of-the-art technology platform based on microfluidic test chips and hand-held reader technology.

Test4T™: Thyroid Profile: TSH, T3, T4

The unique easy-to-use design and configuration of Test4T allows for clinical analysis/diagnosis within minutes in research laboratories, hospitals, and physician clinics, as well as in the field and on remote sites. The low cost of our disposable Lab on Chip devices permits cost-effective testing and makes quantitative analysis available to a broad population in a wide spectrum of applications.